Primary Care


(Including but not limited to)

General Illness:

Allergic reactions Allergies Asthma
Athlete’s foot/fungus infection Bronchitis Burns from heat or chemical exposure
Congestion Cough Diaper rash
Ear infection Earache Eye infection
Fever Flu symptoms Gastrointestinal disorders
Insect bites Itchy skin Migraine
Nausea Rashes Runny nose
Sinus infection Skin allergy Skin infections
Sore throat STD testing and treatment Stomach pains
Urinary tract infections Wound infection  

Surgical Procedures:

Abscess incision and drainage Cyst removal Embedded foreign bodies removal
Gauge repair Mole and lesion removal Skin tag removal

Chronic Conditions:

Anemia Anxiety Arthritis
Asthma Cardiovascular disease COPD
Coumadin use Depression Diabetes
Eczema GERD Hyperlipidemia
Hypertension Obesity Peripheral vascular disease


Employment School Sports


Flu Shot Hepatitis A Hepatitis B
Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) Meningitis Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis (TDAP)
Tuberculosis (TB), TB skin test    


Inhouse labs*:

Glucose (blood sugar) Hemaglobin A1c Hemoccult (tests for blood in stools)
Microalbumin Strep flu/RSV (when in season) Urinalysis
Urine pregnancy test Wet mounts   


*Most results within 24 hrs.


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