For Patients

Patient Forms

New Adult Patient

New adult patients may print, fill out, and bring these papers to save time at check-in.

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New Pediatric Patient

The parents or guardians of new pediatric patients may bring these forms to save time at check-in.

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Release of Records

Existing patients may request that Highlands Healthcare share their health information with another physician.

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What to Bring

Help us better understand your health.

  • List of current medications (or bring the bottles)
    Photos of the bottles work too.
  • List of daily vitamins and supplements
    These are things you take by mouth in addition to food, like minerals, amino acids, and herbs or botanicals.
  • Medical records including dates of surgeries
    You can request your medical records from other healthcare providers using the Release of Records form, above. If you don’t have records, a list of major illness and surgeries will be fine.
  • List of complementary and alternative therapies
    This includes things that like acupuncture, homeopathy, massage, chiropractic, and biofeedback. If you’re not if something should be included, mention it anyway. 
  • Journal of symptoms
    Let us know what’s going on with you. When did you start feeling ill or get injured? 
  • List of questions you have about your health
    We’re here to foster your health. That includes keeping you informed and answering your questions.


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Highlands Healthcare follows HIPPA regulations for the privacy of your medical information.